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Something special for those who are special. Handmade. 


Small apparel collections inspired by my children, and long slow days on... 


The blankets are made by hand from sustainable and natural materials like... 


The best vintage carefully selected, repaired and mended for the next gen... 


Handmade Accessoires for big and small. 


A great way to celebrate, give a handmade and lasting gift to... 

A passion that is out of control

It happens often that I have dreams about sewing. The last one I remember was last week.

In my dream I was using an old fashioned sewing machine and was making buttonholes on an antique linen men's shirt.

I dream of finding my favorite fabric in the washing machine, and when I lay awake I think about sewing and knitting my next thing. It's an addiction I can't get out of and I love to share it with you.

New Stuff

I am constantly challenging myself to research, design and make new things.

Keep your eyes peeled because I will add new items regularly.

Thank you for your support all this way!

x Kirsten

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