Custom Blankets

Thank you so much for your interest in one of my custom blankets. 

If you are looking for ready made blankets please click here.

I post all the blankets I make on my INSTAGRAM page.  


For a custom blanket please send me an email 

100% eco linen

100% cotton

100% wool 

Starting measurements and prices:

65x90 cm €130,- (including taxes)

100x100 cm €150,- (including taxes)

If you want any other size or thickness just let me know no problem.


I also make mattresses, the big difference is that these are not quilted (the stitched lines over the design) and are not suitable to lay onder. The mattresses are filled with a fiberfill filling.

100% eco linen

100% cotton

100% fiberfill

65x90 cm €90,- (including taxes)

100x100 cm €110,- (including taxes)

Please send me an email: for a custom order. I will always try to squeeze a custom order in. Make sure to let me know what colors you prefer, and if there are any specific shapes you feel connected to. I can definitely integrate them in my design. Have a look at my Instagram feed, which I also use as a sort of archive. There you can see pretty much all the blankets I have made thus far.


Please allow me around 8 weeks of sending the item. I do not have regular workdays, and I have almost always my Hedwig and/or my Hassie boy by my side. Planning is a bit tight, I hope you understand.

Free pick up in Utrecht, The Netherlands

For shipping cost please click here: SHIPPING page.


I started making a quilted applique blanket with geo shapes from the scraps I had from making clothes for Hedwig en Hasse. It is a great way to reduce waste and it is really inspiring to work with strange shapes you get when you cut out a sleeve for something and you have to work with left over material. 

Since then I have been making blankets and play mattresses for friends and family. I posted pictures on Instagram, and some other people were interested as well!

I changed a few things in the blanket making since I began. I now use 100% woolen filling, eco linen and cotton outside. The use of these natural materials makes sure the blanket is comfortabel and breathable, and therefore safe to use as a blanket. 

Please keep in mind any loose object in a crib, unsupervised can be dangerous for any child up to 12 months. 

x Kirsten