What fabrics do you use?

I try to use as much natural fibers as possible. Natural fibers are breathable, comfortable to wear, and do not cause long-term environmental damage.  

I have a very strong preference for linen. The oldest fabric that has been discovered was 6500 BC was a form of linen. It is easy to grow and doesn't need a lot to maintain. Plus the fabric has a beautiful textured look. It can be crispy or soft. There are a lot of different linens. 

When you wash linen, do not tumble dry (it can shrink a little, mostly a maximum of 3%), but also do not hang it to dry. Linen is a natural material and will lose its shape. When you lay linen in the full light of the sun, it can change colour. 

Next to natural fabrics I tend to use a lot of deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabrics are those that did not sell in stores or by brands. Before they were thrown away, but by looking for deadstock fabric you often get a good price and unexpected fabrics. 

I get my fabrics from wholesalers, friends and markets.

Do you sell your patterns?

This is question I get a lot. It really has been my dream from the beginning of this venture to explore how to get my designs digital and share them with the (AMAZING) sewing community in exchange for some euros. Until now I have not been successful in finding the right software that is suited for this newbie. If you know some, hit me up! <3

I have some knitting patterns laying around to write out, but also TIME. I hope I can find some soon!

Do you design all things yourself?

I try to design as much as I can. I often change an exciting design to meet my or my clients wishes. I use a sleeve from that blouse, and draw in a collar I am attracted to at that moment, change the hem, add buttons, remove buttons etc. If you like puzzels, start sewing!

Do you really listen to punk music when you sew?



xxx Kirsten